Claudia Pineda


Claudia Pineda Reyes is a Mexican American Social Worker from Cicero, IL and Michoacan, Mexico that lives in Seattle, Washington. She currently works as a social justice consultant and with youth and families who experience violence. She is the lead facilitator for Y-We Lead where she collaborates with around 60 diverse young people in fostering inclusive and healthy community. She provides technical assistance for a group collaborative in south King County between ethnic specific organizations and the school district. She is nurtured and invigorated by her work, which all fills her broad passions and strengthen her skills.

As a lifelong learner, Claudia is also a facilitator-in-training to hold conversations around race and equity for the Center for Equity and Inclusion out of Portland, OR. In addition, she is training and practicing in the Creative Community Facilitation model with Partners for Youth Empowerment Global for which she has even traveled to Spain! She recently completed writing an academic technical report on serving immigrants to the U.S. from Mexico.

Claudia’s formal education includes an undergraduate degree from Cornell College where she double majored in Latin American Studies and Ethnic Studies. She graduated from the graduate Social Work Program at the University of North Dakota. She served a term for AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps in 2007-08 (Sacramento, Blue 5!). She has been a trainer/facilitator for the New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence and a counselor in a domestic violence agency for people who were affected by and perpetrated domestic violence. She also served youth and the community in the juvenile justice division in Santa Fe, NM as a Restorative Justice Facilitator. Claudia has also designed, coordinated, and facilitated a bilingual, 2-day Parent and Youth Connection Seminar (PYCS).




This past year, Claudia participated in the following projects that included expanding her training using the Creative Community Model at Catch the Fire, Confluence (a global facilitation training), supporting (Y-We) Young Women Empowered Write (a summer camp), counseling at Power of Hope (a transformative youth summer camp), facilitating a 40-hr. Restorative Justice Training for a university in New York, and facilitating at a bilingual camp for La Cima where she gave this personal and motivational speech to the community.

Claudia has completed specialized training and has practiced as a facilitator using the following models:


She has also completed training on Dismantling Racism, Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning, and Courageous Conversations About Race.


Her work has been most specifically surrounding the following topics:


This site was created to share educational resources with her colleagues, clients, and the general public.


If you are interestedin contacting Claudia, you may contact her by filling out the form here.




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